Sauce is a combination of THCa and TNT which makes for a high-potency, high-terpene concentrate. Having the ability to mix and match strains from TNT and THCa gives the user the luxury of achieving a high-potency high with the precise desired effect of the terpene-rich extract added in.

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Additional Information

Sugar wax is a marijuana concentrate with a full flavor and a slightly grainy texture. It replicates the look and feel of sugar, being cube-like in shape and being made up of tiny, glistening crystals. It’s a little less messy than some of the other types of concentrates as it’s a bit thicker and not quite as sticky.

Many people prefer sugar wax for its richer, more complex flavor profile. Others will argue that sugar wax dabs are the best, as they’re easier to work with than other concentrates when it comes to using a dab tool. It also doesn’t take as much sugar wax THC to dab with – you can save the amount of concentrate you smoke by dabbing with sugar wax.

For Best Results

Consistency, as with any supplement, is key for success. Take daily.

Store at room temperature away from light.

Dropper use: Gently squeeze the rubber end and release. The dropper will fill about halfway, but this indicates a “full dropper.” (Oil will not fill the entire dropper.)

Avoid touching dropper to mouth to preserve the quality of your hemp extract oil.

Sensitive to flavors? Mix your oil into your favorite food or drink.

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